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Data: 13 July 2017
Swissstandards.pl helps children
We are pleased to announce that thanks to the clients’ satisfaction survey swissstandards.pl we could support the Omnibus Foundation which helps talented children from poor families. For each completed survey we donated 5 PLN to the foundation. In the end, we were able to finance a scholarship for a gifted pupil.

The survey was conducted among ca. 1300 clients of Franke, Stämpfli and Zehnder.

The aim of the research was to examine clients’ opinion on cooperation with the beneficiaries of the trademark swissstandards.pl as well as their expectations towards Swiss companies.

The results show that 58% of respondents believe that the Swiss origin significantly contributes to the positive perception of a company. 61% have greater expectations towards Swiss companies than those of different origin. Whereas 75% of respondents claim that Franke, Stämpfli and Zehnder fulfil these expectations.

More results are available in the presentation below.

| results of the survey swissstandards.pl

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