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The Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce has created the swissstandards.pl trademark in order to strengthen the position of its affiliated members on the market.

Swiss origin means quality - fostering traditional Swiss values may, to a large extent, contribute to the creation of a positive image of a company. This fact is confirmed by market analyses.

In December 2011 on behalf of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce the study Swissness Worldwide was carried out which examined the image of Switzerland and perception of Swiss products in Poland. According to the results, Switzerland enjoys a positive image in Poland, and Swiss products are distinguished by high quality and reliability.

Other studies also confirm the positive image of Switzerland.

Results of research conducted by the University of St. Gallen and McCann Erickson (Study Swissness Worldwide) indicate that Swiss products and brands are associated worldwide with the highest quality and reliability. Not only does this concern products generally recognised as conventionally Swiss, such as watches, cheese and chocolate, but also products from the pharmaceutical, construction and chemical industries.

In the latest report The Global Competitiveness Index 2011-2012 (World Economic Forum) Switzerland ranks first place in the general classification including 142 countries. As far as innovativeness is concerned, Switzerland ranks second place, also in terms of research and development. In terms of the number of issued patents per citizen, Switzerland ranks seventh place.

According to international research of (Presence Switzerland) qualities which distinguish Switzerland are, in particular

  • confidence
  • reliability
  • a high standard of living

As the ranking of popularity of particular countries worldwide shows, Switzerland is best perceived in China, Japan, Russia, Germany and Italy (Nation Brands Index 2009).

It is crucial to be distinguishable in today's global market. We want to be distinguishable by maintaining the highest standards of products and services, as well as high standards in business. Swissstandards.pl makes one distinguishable and responsible at the same time.


„Switzerland's scientific research institutions are among the world's best, and the strong collaboration between the academic and business sectors ensures that much of this research is translated into marketable products and processes, reinforced by strong intellectual property protection.”

- The Global Competitiveness Index 2009-2010

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