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1. Can the swissstandards.pl trademark be put on products which are manufactured outside Switzerland or Poland, e.g., in France, under a Swiss licence?

No, the regulations allow only two possibilities. The trademark may be used for products that are manufactured in Switzerland and have an appropriate attestation of origin, as well as for products that are manufactured in Poland under a licence that provides for quality checks.

Nevertheless, if a company has Swiss capital and provides post-sale services (e.g. product service) it may also apply to use the trademark. In this case, it is possible to use the trademark separately from the product. This means that the trademark can be put on the company's promotional materials, letterhead, envelopes, correspondence (email footnote), etc.

2. Are the costs of using the trademark the same when making an application in the middle of the year?

No, the costs of using the trademark for part of a year are charged pro rata temporis. The charge is reduced by one-fourth for every completed quarter before the date of submitting the application form.

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